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TIS Board Meeting Summary for April and May 2016 Meetings

Our quest for Official School Status in Japan continues to be a difficult process with a few but critical pending issues. Tokyo-To has asked that we now submit a signed letter from the CEO of Fujifilm, stating that Fujifilm plans to extend our lease to the 10-year duration required for the School Status Application.

On another front Fujifilm has requested from us a 20 year Strategy Plan before it considers whether it will sell us the land beneath the school building, it still has not reached the decision whether to extend our existing lease from 8 to 10 years, and it may want us to simply wait 8 years to possibly renew for an additional 10 years.

We have requested the meeting with the CEO of Fujifilm; in the meantime we will have all the other elements ready to go if the outcome of the meeting is positive. The timeframe for submitting the application is limited because of the large reserves of cash that we need to have in the bank. We will keep the TIS community updated on all outcomes; in the meantime we are looking into alternative measures to achieve School Status in Japan.

We are still looking for a Learning Management System that will suit our needs for years to come, there are several under consideration however, there are no immediate plans to implement these for the next school year, but we will cease using Manabi Mon next school year and parents will be informed of new communication channels.

Thank you all for participating in the School Satisfaction Survey, we have gained new and valuable insight into all the things we do well at TIS, and some areas that we need to improve on. We are in the process of identifying and targeting areas of improvement, and will be updating you with action plans.

In recent weeks we have talked to YIS to help clarify the grade 9 admissions agreement we had with them for 5 years. They still consider us their feeder school and will favorably consider TIS students graduating from grade 8 who are in good standing. However, their own grade 8 students will have priority, and they may need to make judgment calls when admitting siblings to YIS. This year they had 8 spaces for grade 9, they made offers to 5 of our students and one accepted a spot.

In recent months we welcomed two new members to the TIS School Board, they are George Payne, and Lyle Andrews, both TIS Parents. Also we are planning to hold the first TIS Trustee meeting at the beginning of the school year. Trustees are a group of 14 people both from outside and inside the TIS community, including teacher, past student, PSA and community representatives.

Finally TIS is changing the timing of the spring concert for next year, it will start in the afternoon on a Thursday, and we finish in the evening, are considering no school on Friday as it will be the start of the Spring Break the following day.

As always thank you for your continuing support, and please stay tuned for more updates before the summer break.

TIS School Board Chair
pp TIS School Board