Steps for Syria

Steps for Syria

…….a walk-a-thon to raise money for Syrian child refugees

Dear TIS community,

Thank you so much for participating in Steps for Syria. I know everyone had lots of fun and the turnout was great! I am proud to announce that we have managed to raise a grand total of 187,470 yen, which is 1,529 American dollars. Next weekend I will be taking this money to the ‘Save the Children’ office in Tokyo. The money will go directly to Syrian refugee children in need. I hope this money will really make a change for the lives of Syrian children.

I would like to thank Dan Last for his help making this project a reality, if it wasn’t for him I could never have done this. I would also like to congratulate Louis Rafizadeh-Kabe for raising the most money out of all the participating students. I would also like to thank Josie for her help collecting money at sports day. But really, I want to thank everybody for all their help and support and doing the walk with me, it really means a ton!

Check out how TIS has supported Syrian Refugees this year in this short video.

Thank you everybody,

Hank Harris / G7

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