Spring Concert – Into The Woods

Into The Woods: Update

As you might know, this year the Middle School is putting on the production “Into The Woods JR.” for the Spring Concert. Into The Woods is a Broadway production which has been turned into a Disney movie. TIS is doing the Broadway production of “Into The Woods Jr.” The original book was written by James Lapine. The book was then adapted into a movie which was then adapted to the musical, which was eventually adapted to “Into The Woods Jr.” Stephen Sondheim wrote the music and lyrics for “Into The Woods Jr.” The first production was the Broadway production. There are 72 Middle School students working in this show. 43 of them are performers. 29 of them are working to help put on the production.

This year there are seven groups helping to put this whole production together. Each week I will do an update on different teams and how they are going.

There is the Backstage Team, the Audio Visual Team, the Costumes and Makeup Team and the Communications Team. Also there are the Performers, the Sets Team and finally there is the Props Team.

We have been all been working very hard so far. We have been working during recess and staying after school. This is a very complicated production to put on, but we are pulling it off. But this whole thing wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful teachers. So thank you to all the teachers who are helping.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.24.03 PM
Photo taken by Mason Wang 7B

By Jasmine Robertson 6A