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Dear TIS community,


Spring Concert

What a fantastic concert we were treated to yesterday! Such talented children we have! Congratulations to all of the performers and those behind the scenes who put on such a great show in a wonderful venue. And thanks to live streaming we had an international audience!

The Spring Concert is such a confidence-boosting experience for the children and we’re sure it’s something they will always remember.


Yearbook 2016 – 2017

Our children love the yearbook! They are often found engrossed in its pages, poring over the pictures.

It is very important to them and is all the more significant if they have friends who are leaving or have left, or if your family will be leaving TIS. What makes the yearbook so special is the wonderful photographs snapped at opportune moments when the kids are engaged in activities that will be special memories for them.

To create this book of memories requires someone to take the photos – the teachers can’t always be free to take shots when they are also part of the action.

We are looking for parents to be the Yearbook photographer for their child’s class. You would be asked to go along to snap some photos of the kids in action or behind the scenes when there is a special event, project, performance or outing.

If you are interested in contributing to this wonderful memento for our kids, starting in August 2016, please get in touch with Nami or Charisse for more information: Charisse or Nami

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Interested in volunteering to support the TIS Community?

The PSA has started making plans for the next school year and we would like to hear from mums and dads who would like to join a great team of volunteers.

Maybe you would like to volunteer but you’re not sure about the time commitment, or what exactly is involved? Don’t let that stop you – there are lots of roles and ways for you to support our school community. Contact Nami to find out more about which role would best suit you.

If you are interested in joining the 2016 – 2017 PSA Board or the Cherry Blossom Fair committee, or being a homeroom parent for your child’s class, please get in touch with Nami.