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Dear TIS community,

Welcome back from the Golden Week break. Can you believe there are fewer than six weeks to go until the end of the school year?!



For some of us, the next few weeks will be spent preparing for moves away from TIS and Tokyo, and some of us will be preparing our children for the loss of friends and classmates. With this in mind, Ed, our school counsellor, hosted a workshop on Tuesday giving very helpful advice on how we can deal with transitions. We would like to thank him for his very valuable advice and practical hints and handouts. The slides he presented in the workshop will be available on Manabimon and if you couldn’t make it to the workshop and would like some advice on how to help you and your family make as smooth a transition as possible, please contact Ed.


Teacher and Staff Appreciation day: Friday 20th May

Next Friday is our chance to show our appreciation for our very hard working and dedicated teachers and staff.

T houghtful T errific
E nergetic I mportant
A ttentive S mart
C aring S miley
H ardworking T rusty
E nthusiastic A ble
R esourceful F riendly
F abulous

On Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day, the gym is set up for a special lunch provided by the parent community for the teachers and staff at TIS. There are many ways to show your appreciation. We would be very grateful if you could sign up to make a dish (appetiser/ salad/ main dish/ dessert) and also offer your time to serve food or help with set up or clean up.

Please use this link to sign up:

From the funds you donated through your homeroom parent for TAD, we will be presenting teachers and staff with gift vouchers as a token of our appreciation for all that they do.


Proceeds from the Cherry Blossom Fair

Thank you again for all the support you gave us in making the Cherry Blossom Fair a great success. As you will see below, revenue and net profit exceeded ¥7 million and ¥5 million, up 25% and 44%, respectively.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.04.33 PM

We will reserve ¥0.5 million of our profits as PSA operating budget for the new school year. Out of the ¥4.5 million of profits left we have decided to donate ¥2.6 million or 58% to TIS through the Grants Programme and ¥1.9 million or 42% to external charities. This is an increase of ¥1.25 million to the TIS Grants Programme and an increase of ¥450,000 to charity compared to 2015.

In March/April we conducted a Monkey Survey and asked for the teacher, staff and parent community for their input on how we should allocate CBF proceeds. We received 130 responses. Survey results were as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 2.58.30 PM

The day after the survey was closed the Kumamoto Earthquake occurred. We felt that the responses may have weighed more heavily in supporting external charities and specifically supporting Kumamoto Earthquake relief had the survey been conducted after the earthquake and therefore decided to give more generously to external charities; specifically to support Kyushu earthquake relief.

We will be reviewing the Grant applications we received from the school community in February with the leadership team shortly to finalize purchases so that they will be available in the new school year.

For charitable giving, we will donate ¥400,000 to support TIS Cambodia ( This will include ¥300,000 to support travel expenses for three teachers to travel to Cambodia with our MS students next spring and up to ¥100,000 scholarship for a TIS Cambodia student to attend university.

We will donate ¥800,000 to Civic Force ( which is an NPO doing relief work in Kumamoto, Kyushu. Civic Force was chosen because it is a Japanese NPO specialising in earthquake and natural disaster intervention. They have a very good infrastructure across the entire country through governmental, business and individual volunteer support networks. In Kumamoto, Civic Force works with Peace Winds Japan and Asia Pacific Alliance Japan (A-PAD Japan) to maximize the effectiveness of their disaster relief activity. Unlike some NPOs, they are not only promoting awareness, they are very hands-on and action oriented. Civic Force are sending emergency disaster relief units, searching for missing individuals, establishing shelter tents, purchasing and distributing necessary goods and collecting company donations. On the Japanese webpage is a clear and transparent copy of their balance sheet and funds allocation which shows minimum administrative and operating costs, ensuring most of the money donated to them goes where it is needed.

We will continue to support Ashoka Foundation ( as well as the Smile Ambassador ( who was MC for the Fair and donate ¥100,000 each, respectively.

As a new initiative we have put aside ¥500,000 to support charitable activities led by TIS students, teachers, staff and parents that involve the school community. We have yet to work out specific guidelines on the use of these funds but it is intended to encourage and to teach our children to take action in giving back to society. For instance, if a community member decides to organize a charitable event to raise money for a cause he/she believes in, then this Fund will also support the charity. In addition, we are thinking of organizing a volunteering event to be participated in by the school community and this Fund may support transportation or refreshments for such activity. We believe that our children learn from the community around them so it’s important that they see the adults in their community in action. Details will be announced in the new school year.

We look forward to seeing you at Teacher Appreciation Day.

The PSA Board.