PSA News

Dear TIS community,

This year’s Cherry Blossom Fair was a record-breaking success! Over 2,500 people attended the fair, an increase of 25%, the students sold over 10,000 raffle tickets and we made a record profit of over ¥5 million, an increase of 45%!  It was only possible with the tremendous support and contributions of the whole TIS community. It was also a wonderful way to showcase our school – the non-TISers who came to the fair were very impressed by the spirit of our wonderfully warm, welcoming and diverse community.


CBF in support of the Kyushu Earthquake Relief Effort

We are very pleased to announce that the Baked Booth Stall and Silent Auction baskets dedicated to Kumamoto Kyushu earthquake relief raised over ¥290,000!

Thank you for your generosity!


CBF goes Green

CBF 2016 was our most eco-friendly yet. “Reduce, re-use and recycle” was one of the committee’s central ideas this year. They very successfully implemented an eco-friendly plan including less printing, recycling materials left over from last year, the use of biodegradable materials and the sale of eco bags. With the help of the Middle School student ‘Green Police’, they were able to make the 2016 fair more environmentally friendly and sustainable and provided a template for future fairs.


CBF goes digital

MS students Miko Fleming, Seijin Kim, Danyu La and Carsyn Smeda and teacher Michael Izzard launched a new initiative which showcased some of the talent TIS students have. Together they did a great job designing and creating the Cherry Blossom Fair webpage and mobile website.


Raffle winners

Well done to all of the students who did an outstanding job selling raffle tickets and exceeding the incredible target of 10,000 tickets!

Special mention goes to our winners:

1st place boy: Lucas Cheung K2A (800 tickets)
2nd place boy: Conrad Kamata 4A (540 tickets)
1st place girl: Sara Hamada 1A (529 tickets)
2nd place girl: Stella Martin 3B (330 tickets)

1st place class: 4A Andy (69.7 tickets per pupil)
2nd place class: 6A Seth (68.33 tickets per pupil)
3rd place class: 1A Joey (66.67 tickets per pupil)
4th place class: K2A Jared (64.1 tickets per pupil)

Top selling teacher: Liezl (66 tickets)
Top selling family: Cheung
Total tickets sold: 11,390

What an amazing year!!!


A very special thank you to Shane Ware for creating the program that kept tracking raffles/totals/standings accurate and simple!

Finally, we have to mention the exceptional organisational skills and leadership of Reiko Kondo and Katja Otter, the chairs of the CBF committee. These two amazing ladies orchestrated the entire fair.  They worked tirelessly to gracefully balance what’s best for our community with our desire to raise more funds – and always with a smile!

We will be able to update you with final financial information and allocation of the raised proceeds after the next PSA board meeting on May 11.


Thank you, everyone, for your incredible support!

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