PSA Grant Program 2015-2016


Program Outline:

The Parents Support Association (“PSA”) raises funds throughout the year, holding events such as Pizza Friday, Bake Sales, Popsicles, Popcorn and used uniform sales (“Fundraising Events”). All profits from these activities are donated back to TIS via a Grant Program. The aim of the Grant Program is to enhance the student experience at TIS.

Last year the Grant Program provided LittleBits electronic kits, cameras, gym equipment, music instruments and a large collection of classroom books worth approximately ¥1,300,000. This year the PSA will be donating ¥1,350,000 of profits raised from last year’s Fundraising Events and an additional ¥1,350,000 of profits left from last year’s Cherry Blossom Fair. This is after giving away ¥1,450,000 to outside charities and funding PSA events such as parent education workshops involving outside speakers and subsidizing the upcoming Holiday Dance. In total this year’s Grant Program will be ¥2,700,000 (approximately US$22,500).


Applicants: The Grant Program is open to all of the TIS community. Teachers, parents, staff and students are all invited to identify areas of need and submit a grant request.

Item/Project Request: Please consider the following guidelines when making a request:
The grant request should not be fundamental to the education offered at TIS.  Such needs are covered by tuition fees. We are looking for the “nice-to-haves”.

  • There should be an identifiable, not necessarily academic, benefit to the students.  The nature of the benefit could be social, cultural, athletic, etc.

  • The item or project should have school or staff ownership, such that the continued involvement by the PSA is not necessary.

  • Whilst ideally grant requests should benefit a large number of students, applications aimed at a narrower group of students or staff will also be considered.

  • If the grant request relates to a long-term project spanning more than one year, the request must be divided into smaller, identifiable parts.  However, please be aware that the PSA cannot guarantee future allocation of funds in subsequent years.


  • All monies need to be spent by the end of May 2016.

Additionally, we ask that prior to submitting the application, preliminary research be undertaken in order to provide an approximation of the project’s cost and feasibility.

Application Assessment Process:

Following the application deadline, all requests will be reviewed by the PSA Grant Committee comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Fundraising Committee member of the PSA and a final decision will be made in conjunction with the school’s Leadership Team headed by Lorraine Izzard. All applicants will then be notified whether or not they have been successful in their application. We are targeting to make announcements by December 11, 2015.

How to Apply:

Please complete and submit the attached Grant Program request form by NOVEMBER 13th 2015. Completed application forms may be returned to the school office for collection or emailed to Rika Okiura, Vice President of the PSA. Please keep a copy of your application for your records.

Please direct any queries to Rika Okiura. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

The Parents Support Association

2015-2016 PSA Grant Program Application Form