Primary School Principal’s Message

Parents As Partners

One of the characteristics of a really great school is an involved set of parents. I continue to be very impressed by how interested and enthusiastic our TIS mums and dads are.


Parent Teacher Conferences

We had another great turnout for parent teacher conferences on Friday. Parent teacher conferences are one of several face-to-face reporting structures we have at TIS. Another example is the Hopes & Dreams conference which takes place at the start of the academic year. In this parent led session, mums and dads share their hopes and dreams, for their children, with their homeroom teacher. Later in the school year, we will have student led conferences which is a time when students describe and explain their learning to their parents.



Parent Workshops

Parents’ workshops are another way to get involved and to support your child’s learning. This week we had a PYP Japanese program workshop led by one of our Japanese teachers: Miho. In the MYP we had another successful workshop led by Melina. Bonnie and Amy are two parents on the Parents Support Association Board. Bonnie and Amy go to great lengths coordinating these events and publicizing them to the TIS
Community – thank you both! Judging by Bonnie’s response, the Japanese workshops were very successful and I would like to thank the Japanese Team and in particular Miho and Melina for all their hard work.

“On behalf of the parents and the PSA, you did a tremendous and outstanding job in your presentation today. I realize that I could only follow about half of the discussion, given it was in Japanese, but what I could follow and then reading the positive comments in the feedback forms, solidified what I thought during the workshop. It was interesting to me to see how the Japanese teachers incorporate the UOIs and the overall IB program in the Japanese classes. I found this quite impressive.” Bonnie



Unit of Inquiry Celebrations

A third way to get involved is through unit of inquiry celebrations. Prior to the holiday Grade 2 had a unit of inquiry celebration about their unit all about significant events in their lives and writing small moments. Each week we showcase learning on the TV in the Foyer and this week we are showcasing that unit including the celebration at the end. I urge parents to please take time to watch these videos which – for those of you who can’t watch them in the foyer – I will post here in the TIS TIMES.



Check Out The Improved Website

Finally, we have been working hard to update the website in recent weeks which is why you may have seen me holding a camera! The website is extremely important in international schools as it helps us to attract the very best teachers to TIS from all over the globe. The recruiting season gets underway in November so we have been very active recently, taking photos, shooting and editing videos for this very reason. It has been wonderful for me to take time capturing the teaching and learning and interviewing the students about how they learn and how their teachers teach. The students’s narrated perspectives on teaching and learning at TIS will appear on new videos. Perhaps you can hear your child’s voice on the new video on the employment page: here The process has itself been very insightful and I am genuinely extremely impressed by the quality of teaching at TIS and the learning dispositions, behaviour and enthusiasm of your children!


We are making final edits to the text and to the format and we still have several amendments to the website videos: some of which are currently out of date and show the former building. We will update many of these videos in the next two weeks. Already the improved website is showcasing the great learning at TIS much better than before. Check it out – you may even find a photo of yourself! And pop back in a week or two when everything should be completely finished:

Chris Frost
Primary School Principal