Primary School Principal’s Message

Writers’ Delight!

Our first half term has finally come to an end. Is has been a truly wonderful start to the school year with lots of learning and smiling, happy children.

Our week ended this morning with a fantastic assembly organized by Christine and Teruko. The assembly kick-started the Sakura Medal Reading Competition. The pink flowers and fancy assembly lettering looked very posh next to our students and teachers who were dressed in t-shirts for ‘Casual Friday’!

Sakura Medal is a reading event which involves all of the international schools in Japan and around 15, 000 students. Children are encouraged to read as many books as possible. During the assembly teachers described some of the Sakura Medal books to the students. Both the books and the teachers’ performances were highly entertaining!

The assembly was intended to celebrate authors and books to promote a love of reading and writing. During the assembly we paused to celebrate some of our own TIS authors. There is a display outside of Lorraine’s Office which is slowly filling up with children’s published writing I urge you to stop by and have a read – you will be highly entertained. On the display the students also explain their learning by giving tips to their peers.



Have a wonderful holiday,

Chris Frost
Primary School Principal