Primary School Principal’s Message

Apple Tech Training

The whole school faculty set off from school at 3.35 pm on Thursday to jump into taxis. People watching may have thought we were off on some exciting social event. Instead we were off to two of Tokyo’s Apple stores, some of us to the Ginza store and the others to the Omotesando branch. We were heading to attend workshops held by Apple trainers on how to get the most out of iMovie. Of course we will soon pass on our new found skills to your children. Not that your children necessarily need our help mind you; Zac from Grade 7 presented an absolutely amazing video during the whole school assembly this morning. Zac’s video documented the tremendous trip which Zac, his Grade 7 friends and his teachers had in Cambodia in March. Thank you to Adriaan who organized the event at the Apple Store and to all of the Grade 7 students for a tremendous assembly this morning.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.18.29 PM
Teachers at the Apple Store
Hank (left) and Zac (right) and others presenting about their experience in Cambodia


Duct Taping!

Well I finally have the correct spelling after calling it ‘duck tape’ in TIS Times for the last two weeks – my apologies! Today Lorraine and I were dutifully duct taped to the wall of the gym by the students who sold the most raffle tickets for the Cherry Blossom Fair. Well done to the following children for being such great salesmen/women Lucas (K2A) Conrad (4A) Ben (4A) Sara (1A) Stella (3B) Amalie (4B) Jonathan (6A) Hugo (6A) Kirsten (6B) Mathias (1A) and Viktor (1A).

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No words


IB Community

Most weeks in the TIS Times I mention one or more of the IB Standards and Practices. The IB Standards and Practices are a list of ‘must dos’ set by the IB for IB schools. These practices help to promote the very best education for your children.

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One of the IB practices is ‘The school participates in the IB world community.’ The IB ask us to collaborate with other IB schools and other IB teachers so we can learn from one another and share good ideas.

This week Greg our PYP Coordinator is facilitating an IB workshop for teachers in the Asia Pacific region in Melbourne. IB pays all expenses for Greg to do this including his flight and accommodation. Not only will Greg be an ambassador for TIS (attracting great teachers here) and teach other teachers, but Greg will also learn from the participants in the workshop and bring back new ideas to TIS.

Our students also collaborate with the IB Community. Another local IB school – Yokohama International School (YIS) invited our Grade 5 students to their Grade 5 Exhibition this week and I was fortunate enough to go along. Our own Grade 5 students are undertaking their very own exhibition inquiry right now so this was a great way to share ideas with the YIS students. Our students took notes and learned from both the great ideas and the mistakes of their YIS peers. Our Grade 5 Exhibition will be happening on May 12th from 17.30 to 19.30. The students from YIS will visit us on that day. Please save the date. We would love as many parents as possible to come and support the Grade 5s. Be prepared to be entertained and very impressed!

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Best regards,

Chris Frost
Primary School Principal