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Last week straight after World Culture Day ended we posted the new TIS video which celebrates our diversity and included footage from the day. If you missed the video on Facebook click here and enjoy!

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A scene from the new diversity TIS Video ‘What could you learn from us?


Supporting The Mother Tongue

Last Friday as part of our World Culture Day celebrations we had lots of mums and dads volunteering to read to children in their mother tongue. I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone for giving up their time to read to the children.

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Often in the TIS Times I draw your attention to the IB Standards and Practices. This document consists of a list of guidelines which IB schools must follow. The practices have been developed from best practice teaching and learning practices from around the world.

One of the practices states: ‘The school places importance on language learning, including mother tongue, host country language and other languages.’ Education research has revealed huge benefits of supporting children’s home languages. If a child is strong in their mother tongue then this will also affect their ability to acquire and understand English. “Multilingual education also improves academic achievement. Increasing learners’ literacy in their first language strengthens their academic language development in other languages through the transfer of skills (Cummins 2000)” As such I strongly recommend that you read to your child in your mother tongue and generally enrich his/her experiences through mother tongue conversation, television and movies. Parents sometimes believe they should increase the amount of English spoken at home at the expense of the home language in order to help the child at international school. This would be a mistake as the research shows that developing the mother tongue is hugely beneficial.



Today your child should have brought home his or her learning portfolio. The portfolio is an assessment ‘as’ learning tool. Assessment ‘as’ learning is any assessment which not only reports learning but also promotes learning. Students are encouraged to look through their portfolio regularly throughout the academic year. They look, reflect on their achievements and discuss with others what they set out to learn, how they learned and the resulting learning they achieved. By reflecting in this way, the portfolio becomes a tool to develop the intended learning and also lifelong learning skills such as pride, resilience, making mistakes, risk taking and collaboration. For the younger children the portfolio also becomes an important learning memory.

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Discussing what we learned and how we learned helps us to learn!

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Forrest proudly displaying his portfolio


Showcasing Culture

As part of our mission to celebrate our diversity Anna Hedve and Ann-Katrin van Schie from the Parents Support Association have volunteered themselves as our ‘TIS International Mindedness Team’. Their mission (on behalf of the school) is to help bring alive some of the rich diversity we have here at TIS. Anna Hedve and Ann-Katrin have put up a little Easter display in the entrance area, combining both European and Japanese aspects of this tradition. Please feel free to add some of your local Easter traditions as decoration and/or have your child(ren) get creative over the weekend to make some decoration to add to what’s there. Make sure you add your child’s name and grade if you want the deco returned! Any questions/suggestions please feel free to contact Ann-Katrin.

Anna and Ann-Katrin would love to showcase the full range of TIS traditions from all of our cultures and religions, so if you have a celebration or aspect of your own culture or religion which you would like to showcase please do contact Anna and Ann-Katrin: our students would all benefit!

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Chris Frost
Primary School Principal