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Club & School Bus information

All the Term 3 After School Clubs & Morning practices finished today, Friday 3rd June, except Aikido.


School buses

– 6th – 22nd June: No Late Bus
– 14th June: No Afternoon Bus (Student Led Conferences)
Parking is not available

– 22nd June: Afternoon Bus at 12:00 pm

The buses will arrive at the regular afternoon bus stop at 3 hours and 20 min earlier than usual. Please make sure to be at the bus stop in time, if we need to hand your child/ren over to someone at the bus stop.

All the morning buses run as usual.
If you have any questions regarding the school bus service, please contact Yoshiko Fukushima

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New club procedure

Please note the new after school club registration and procedure from September 2016.

  • Term 1 club (Sep – Nov/Dec 2016) information will be announced shortly. The actual registration starts in August, but you can have a look and discuss the choices with your child/ren during the break.
  • The registration will be online from the coming school year. The online registration procedure will be explained in August.
  • TIS will receive all the applications through this new online registration and there won’t be any other registration e.g. ‘contacting the organizer directly’ clubs anymore!
  • The cash collection machine will be installed and all the club fees will be paid through this machine. There will be a set payment week for certain grades to make the payments run smoothly.
  • It will be the official registration once you send the form.
  • You will receive the automatic confirmation when you apply online.
  • You will be contacted in the following cases.
    • When the club doesn’t have more than 6 students
    • When your child/ren is not in the club age range
    • When more than 16 students have applied and we need to choose the participants by lottery.
  • The club fees will be set for one term and there won’t be any partial payment no matter how many sessions a student joined.
  • No club cancelation nor the transfer after the 2nd week.
  • No club fee refund will be made.
  • After no change in more than 10 years, there will be an increase in club fees
    next school year. Please refer to the club information which will be posted on the website around 20th June.
  • The Upper School building will be renovated over the Summer Break to accommodate more students and to improve Middle School students’ school life, including B2F Drama Room which won’t be available for any martial arts after the renovation.  Due to the location difficulty, we won’t be able to host the Aikido Club from next school year.  The Aikido Club (Pacific Aikido) will inform you of the alternative location.  We thank you for your understanding and support as always.

Best regards,

Yoshiko Fukushima
Operations Manager