MYP Coordinator’s Message

Summer Learning

Keeping up with learning during the long summer holiday is important in order to avoid the dreaded “summer slide”. This was the topic of the last parent workshop offered at TIS this academic year.

According to research, in the area of reading, it is estimated that there will be [up to] a three month achievement gap between students who read and students who do not read during holidays (Mraz and Rasinski, 2007). In the area of mathematical computation, an average of 2.6 months is lost if children do not continue to practice and use math during the long holidays (Cooper, 1996). Play and social interaction with other children is also learning and helps develop children’s social and emotional development. However, finding a balance between play and keeping up with reading and math can be a challenge for many families.

To get ideas on how you can support your child’s learning during the upcoming summer holiday, please access the presentation slides shown at the workshop which can be found under the Resource tab on Manabi Mon.

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A note regarding Mathletics and Khan Academy: The current Grade 1 students can access Mathletics during the summer holiday. The current Grade 2-8 students are encouraged to use Khan Academy as this is what these grade levels will be using from next school year. Some students have already created accounts, but for those who have not, please set one up using the tokyois email account.

Thank you to the parents who attended the workshop and for the feedback you provided after the session!

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Grade 7 Writing Share

The grade 7 students have completed their last unit in Language & Literature English on argument writing, and yesterday it culminated with a sharing session of their work. The students shared their views on an issue they had chosen to write about, as well as the specific writing skill they felt they had developed the most in this unit of learning. Developing the skill of writing powerful counterclaims in argumentative texts was something several of the students mentioned as an area they had especially developed in. The students did really well sharing their knowledge about the issues, and they were articulate and passionate about their topics. Thank you to Tonya and Evan for the excellent work they do with the students!

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On Wednesday during lunch time the girls volleyball team played against a group of teachers in a final match of the year. Although the teacher team won in the end, the girls started off very strong and were leading the match with 5 points. It was great to see how much the team’s skills have developed since the beginning of the year, and it will be great to follow their growth as volleyball players next year. Thank you to Brandon for coaching the volleyball team and to the teachers for playing against them.

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Best wishes for a great weekend,

Kristine Adelsboell
Middle School & MYP Coordinator