Music Concert

Winter Concert

In the next several weeks there are many musical performances coming up!  These will be great opportunities for you to listen to the wonderful things your children have been learning.  
The format of this year’s performances will be somewhat different from past years. The biggest change is that instead of one large performance day on December 18 in which all children across the school would perform, there will be several performance dates featuring shorter performances and selected grade levels.  
All TIS parents and community members are invited to attend!!


The performances are

Friday, November 13, 8:30am:  INFORMAL MS Assembly in the USB B2 (very informal)

  • Sixth Grade:  Strings and Clarinet Performance of “Jingle Bells”
  • Eighth Grade:  Class Performance of “Locked Away” (arranged by 8th grade)

Friday, November 20, 8:30am:  INFORMAL MS Assembly in the USB B2 (very informal)

  • Sixth Grade: Choir Performance of “Like the Beat of a Drum”
  • Combined 7th/8th Grade: Orchestra Performance of three “Chorales” and “Second Storm”

Friday, November 27, 8:30am:  K1 Assembly in the Gym

  • K1 Combined Classes:  Sing “Hello Song” and “10 Musicians” with hand drums
  • K2 Combined Classes:  Singing “Hello Everybody” and “Snow is Falling” with xylophones

Friday, December 4, 8:30am:  G1 Assembly in the Gym

  • G1 Combined Classes:  Performance of “Come Dance with Me” with singing, Orff instruments, various languages, and dancing
  • G2 Combined Classes:  Performance of “Tongue Twisters” with the process of developing a musical performance in the Orff methodology

Friday, December 18, 8:30am:  End of Term Celebration Assembly in the Gym

  • G3 Combined Classes: Performance of various short Recorder Pieces
  • G4 Combined Classes: Performance of “One Bucket Groove” on bucket drums
  • G5 Combined Choir: Performance of “Jambo Bwana” and “Hunger Games Medley”
  • G6 Strings and Woodwinds: Performances of “Jingle Bells”
  • G6 Combined Choir:  Performance of “Like the Beat of a Drum”
  • G7/G8 Combined Orchestra: Performance of three “Orchestral Chorales” and “Second Storm”
  • Combined MS Choir: Performance of “Al Tambor”

Brandon Miller
Music Teacher

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