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The Move From Mathletics to Khan Academy

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For a long time now TIS has been using Mathletics as an online learning tool for mathematics.

Mathletics was one of the very first online resources of this kind, offering individual student accounts, curriculum-mapped learning activities and the ability for teachers and parents to monitor student activity and progress. However there are now many such online resources available, and TIS has made the decision that, from the start of next year (SY 2016-2017), grades 2-8 will switch to using Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is similar to Mathletics in many ways: each student will have their own login information, with the ability for teachers and parents to check their individual progress and activity, and to recommend tasks. Khan Academy also has a number of benefits over Mathletics, as follows:

  • Better curriculum alignment: while Mathletics has activities that match with the Common Core State Standards most of the time, Khan Academy’s modules are specifically tailored to fit with the Common Core all of the time.
  • Richer tasks: Khan Academy’s tasks call on students to show their thinking in different ways.
  • More Built-in support: If a student is unsure of how to complete a task on Khan Academy, every activity has is a video explanation that they can watch, as well as hints available for each problem that progressively guide the students to figuring out the answer.
  • Progress reports: students, parents, and teachers are able to track their own progress on Khan Academy more easily.
  • MAPs Test alignment: Students MAPs testing scores will provide direct indicators of areas where remediation or extension is needed.
  • Focus on a Growth mindset: Khan Academy is designed to foster a growth mindset in students, which fits well with the approach taken at TIS, and is research-based.
  • Additional Subjects: Students can use the platform not just for math but for science, economics and finance, arts and humanities, and computing.

Many teachers have already started using Khan Academy with their classes and the feedback from students has been very positive!

In order to combat the dreaded “summer slide” and to begin getting acclimated to this new platform, we highly recommend that both students and parents login regularly this summer. Logging in is easy, and there is no longer a need to wait for teachers to add you! Just visit the site at https://www.khanacademy.org , students select “start learning now” and login with their school gmail accounts and can then search for the “mission” for the grade level they just finished to review what they’ve learned. So, for students who’ve just finished grade 6, they would visit: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-sixth-grade-math , and parents select “Parents, start here” and follow the simple process to register as a parent of your child with instructions here if needed: https://khanacademy.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202262994-How-do-I-create-child-accounts- . You can also have your student add in your email address from their account to link the two as well.
(Note: Students in Grade Two will have accounts created for them.)

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Tom Pearce / PYP G2 Teacher
Seth Reisner / MYP G6-8 Math Teacher