Learning in the PYP – News from Grade one Eye Spy Celebration

News from Grade one – Eye Spy Celebration

Eye Spy is a fun-filled activity group for young students that helps them develop their fine motor skills and letter-word recognition. The kids fill in worksheets, practice writing and spelling and play lots of different hand-eye coordination games. We meet three times a week are always working on new things. The kids really seem to love it!

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On Thursday morning we celebrated Agia, Amalia, Abigail, Beata, Harrison and Kai V, all from 1B, who successfully completed the Eye Spy Program for term two. We were very pleased to have Chris Frost and Lisa Muntz attend the small ceremony as well as some of the students’ family members. Agia, Amalia, Abigail, Harrison and Kai V led the final session, challenging each other to games and puzzles as well as showing their parents everything they learned this term.

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Congratulations to Agia, Amalia, Abigail, Harrison, Kai and Beata (absent) for finishing Eye Spy!

Congratulations everyone!

Andy Last
Grade One Teacher Assistant