Learning in the PYP – Grade 5 Exhibition

Grade 5 Exhibition

Dear TIS Community,

You are invited to this year’s PYP Exhibition! Grade 5 students continue to work tirelessly to prepare an informative and entertaining presentation. Through primary research (such as visiting TELL, interviewing Mr. Yamasaki about his fish post, and spending a day with children at a North Korean School in Tokyo) and secondary research, students have learned a great deal about eleven different issues. They invite you to listen to their presentations and ask further questions. Please come and support the Grade 5 students in their culminating Exhibition experience on Thursday, May 12th from 5:30pm.

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Hope to see you there,
G5 Team

May 12th Schedule

5:30 – 6pm: Viewing of Boards
6pm: Student MCs / Artist Presentation
6:15pm: 1st Presentations
6:30pm: 2nd Presentations
6:45pm: 3rd Presentations
7pm: 4th Presentations
7:15 – 7:30pm: Closing Remarks / Final Viewing of Boards

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Kenny McFadden
Gabrielle Minervini
Grade 5 Teacher