Learning in the PYP

What’s been happening in the PYP classrooms this week?

This week the lens of looking for learning is on K2 and their current unit of inquiry “Who we are”. In this unit the students are investigating the related concept of relationships and their central idea focuses on “Relationship can differ depending on the connections with others” A big focus at the beginning of the unit was exploring and unpacking the key concept of connection. The students identified things in their environment that they make connections with as well as finding out different connections we have with others.

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The students have also started to explore the relationships they have with their family, their friends and the
different relationships they have at school. They have also been engaged in reading picture books together and discussing the different types of relationships in the story.

With this ongoing focus on connections and relationships some of the students are now making links to other
curriculum areas. Finn, in Alex’s class made the
observation when asked in writer’s workshop time to
develop his writing beyond a page he replied “So what you are saying is we need to make connections between the pages” In the next few weeks the students will
investigate the roles they have when they are in different relationships and will compare these to see how they are similar and different.

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Greg Parker
PYP coordinator