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What’s been happening in the PYP at TIS this week

When we think about the concept of homelessness we tend to think of humans as not having homes. But have you ever thought about fish being homeless? The Abandoned Creatures and Endangered Animals exhibition groups found out that some alien fish species here in Tokyo are homeless as they have been abandoned or dumped by their owners into an environment that is foreign to them. As part of their action during their exhibition the groups wanted to set up a home for some of these fish.

Their plans finally came to fruition on Wednesday. Mr Yamasaki (the fish post owner) who the groups have been working with, came to school and donated a small number of fish. With his help, the students set up the fish tank and welcomed the fish into their new environment in the lobby.

The groups have also set up their schedule to feed and care for them for the last few weeks of school as well as over the holidays. They are currently training the grade 5 students who have volunteered to help. Even though they will be in grade 6 in the next school year they will still continue to care and feed them. This is a great example of sustainable action.

When you are in the lobby area next time, please check out the fish and see how well they have settled into their new home. You may even want to find out what type of fish they are and where they come from.

Greg Parker
PYP coordinator

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