Learning in the PYP

Looking for Learning – What’s been happening in the PYP at TIS this week

As the school year draws to a close, we are presently carrying out a range of reflection processes to help inform and improve the teaching and learning for the next school year. One of these processes is the critiquing and revising of our program of inquiry. This is also one of the requirements from the IBO’s Standards and Practices.

C.2.2 There is a system for regular review and refinement of the program of inquiry and individual units.

As a primary faculty, we have reviewed the units for each grade level based on the IB rubric and have looked for any units that have been left out or repeated as well as ensuring the units are significant, relevant, engaging and challenging for our students.

I have also interviewed some of the students from each class for their reflections, feedback and suggestions about the units they learn. Their feedback was very diverse and the students had made lots of different connections and understandings to the units in their grade level. They also made suggestions of what makes a good unit of inquiry. This included the following, it needs to be interesting for them, they have time to carry out their own investigations, they have relevant field trips, they can create things and try them out, they can investigate ideas as a group and they are challenged to solve different types of problems.

We would also like to collate parent’s perspectives as well. if you have some suggestions or recommendations about improving any of the units of inquiry your child/ren have been engaged in can you please add your comments to the POI that is displayed in the kitchen area of the staffroom. (See the photo below) Or alternatively you can send me an email with your suggestions or you can go to this

The revised and finalised program of inquiry for the 2016-17 school year will be placed on the display area outside the staffroom on the second floor in the last week of school (June 20th -22nd). It will also be made available on the school website.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.38.01 PM
Miho, Gabby and Kenny critiquing our programme of inquiry

Finally here is a quote from one of the students about our POI.

“ It is good thing that units of inquiry exist at TIS as they really help us learn many things” – Eloise ( Grade 1)

Greg Parker
PYP coordinator