Learning in the PYP

Looking for Learning – What’s been happening in the PYP at TIS this week

One of the requirements in our Primary Years Program is that inquiry is used across the curriculum and by all teachers. But what does inquiry mean? It is not just about asking questions. It can be making predictions and seeing what happens, collecting data and reporting findings, researching and seeking information, solving problems in a variety of ways as well as transferring the classroom learning to real world contexts.

A good example of this transference of learning beyond the classroom occurred this week in Grade One. In their Where we are in Place and Time unit of inquiry, the students have been inquiry into different kinds of maps we use, how to read them and how the technology of maps has changed. To apply the map reading skills they had learnt, the students in small groups went on a landmark detective hunt in our local neighbourhood of Azabujuban. Armed with a map of the area, pencil and with the help of an adult went looking for common landmarks in the area. These included convenience stores, banks and car parks. Once they found the landmark they drew a symbol to represent these and then added them to the location on the map. They also plotted on the map the path they took. No one could use google maps unless they got lost.

In the group that I accompanied, we found lots of convenience stores, a hospital, bank, car parks, a cemetery, a school, many restaurants, small parks and even a temple close to our school. Also we discovered a lot of vending machines along the way.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.41.37 PM

As a follow up to this map detective inquiry, the students will recreate their maps and give instructions to others to follow the journey they went on using the landmarks as key reference points. A very interesting and relevant inquiry where the students got to apply a range of skills and understandings they had learnt in their classes.

Greg Parker
PYP coordinator