Learning in the PYP

Looking for Learning – What’s been happening in the PYP at TIS this week

As an IB school, we have certain standards and practices we need to follow and implement in our teaching and learning. In my article today I would like to share what a particular standard looks like in terms of actual student learning. The standard Teaching and learning addresses human commonality, diversity and multiple perspectives is very much embedded in our program of inquiry and we strive to design units that give students a range of opportunities to explore and build their understanding of multiple perspectives.

A relevant example of this is the recent Grade 3 unit of inquiry “ Sharing the Planet” As authors, the Grade 3 students created a picture storybook that presents a conflict situation between humans and animals. One section of the picture book is told through the perspective of the animal and the other section is through the perspective of a human. Each viewpoint expresses their needs and wants.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.48.53 AM

As they looked through the conceptual lens of perspective, the students were able to better see both sides of the argument and put themselves in the shoes of both the animal and the human. They were then able to make more informed decisions about the human/ animal conflict. If you would like to find out about the different viewpoints the students adopted and read their picture books please check out the display outside Lorraine’s office. There is also an invitation there if you would like to create your own multiple perspective picture book.

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Greg Parker
PYP coordinator