Learning in the PYP

What’s been happening in the PYP classrooms this week?

In my TIS times articles this term, I have tried to highlight some of the specific learning that has taken place both within and outside the classrooms across the different grade levels. This week I would like to share an example of learning that highlights the assessment question that both students and teachers are constantly addressing: How might we know what we have learned?

As the grade 3 students are nearing the end of their How we express ourselves unit, they have been working on and preparing their summative assessment to show their understanding of the central idea of “The Arts enable humans to communicate their feelings and ideas that invites a response from an audience” The students in small groups chose an appropriate art form to share their feelings and ideas on their own chosen topic and to share this with a new audience. In this case it was their parents in the gymnasium. Some groups presented a dance to a musical background, some presented a play of stories they had written and some played instruments to create the background music to a dance. A key part of their assessment was to see how well they could express their ideas, engage the audience and invite a positive response. To help the students assess this, their parents filled out a reflection sheet about their presentations. These will be reviewed back in the class for the students to reflect on.

The photos below give an example of some of the performances the grade 3 students presented today. It is great to see their confidence and enthusiasm as communicators.

Greg Parker
PYP coordinator

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.37.22 AM