Learning in the PYP – 1

Grade 1 Field Trip to Kidzania

This week the lens of looking for learning is focused on outside the classroom and Grade 1’s field trip last week to Kidzania. In our units of inquiry we use field trips for a number of reasons. Some times they are used at the beginning of a unit to create curiosity, tune students into the new unit or to provoke and challenge their thinking. The majority of the times field trips are used in the finding out stage of the inquiry process to gather and collate key information.

Sometimes the field trip is carried out at the end of the unit so that students can apply what they have learnt throughout the unit to a new situation. This is the case with grade 1. In their “How we organize ourselves” unit they have been investigating how people in organisations have interconnected roles. Their main inquiry for this was TIS and the different roles we have here at our school. On the stairwell going up to the third floor there is a display of this inquiry and what they found out.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.19.40 PM

From what the students learnt about how TIS is organised and the different roles we have, the students then had the opportunity to take on various roles themselves within different occupations at Kidzania. Here are reflections from some of the students.

“ I like learning how to be a dentist and what you need to do to fix teeth” Alethea

“ I enjoyed the subway part and learning what you need to do to be a train driver “ Nomo

“ I liked learning how to make ice cream and hamburgers, the best part was eating it at the end” Viktor

“ I enjoyed being a photographer and taking lots of photos around Kidzania.” Lois

Besides learning about the roles required in each job and how they are organized, the students also developed the attitudes of independence and cooperation as they had to organise their own time as a group and decide on which jobs they would try out.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.19.47 PM

I wonder if any of the students end up carrying out the jobs they choose when they are adults, maybe some of these jobs won’t exist in fifteen years time.

Greg Parker
PYP coordinator