Learning in the MYP – MYP Student Portfolios & Reflections

MYP Student Portfolios & Reflections

Last week you read Chris Frost’s blurb about the student portfolios in the Primary School that went home to the families leading up to the Parent/Teacher conferences. This week I want to take the opportunity to write about the student portfolios in the Middle School, how they are built and link to student reflections.

Every student In the Middle School has a digital portfolio on Manabi Mon that the student add specific pieces of work to throughout the year. In addition to containing student selected work, the portfolio is also the place where the students document their self-assessment and reflection at the end of a unit of learning in every subject. Reflecting on one’s learning is part part of the IB inquiry cycle; it is a process that can lead to deeper understanding of how, what, and why we learn.

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There are two parts to the reflection at the end of a unit of learning in the Middle School:
1) the student’s self-assessment where the student assesses him/herself against the MYP criteria (A, B, C, D) and the objective strands the teacher selected for the unit (see photo below). The ‘T’ boxes will show the levels of achievements (1-8) that the teacher has given the student based on the student’s performance on the summative assessment task(s) of the unit. The ‘S’ boxes will show the levels of achievements the student has given him/herself based on the same summative assessment task(s).

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2) The student’s reflection on the Inquiry, Global Contexts, Approaches to Learning, and what the student considers to be his/her best piece of work in the unit (see photo below).

As you can see in the Approaches to Learning and the Evidence of Learning boxes in the photo, the student uploads a pieces of work that best represents the learning in that area. This is how a student’s digital portfolios is built. Reflections and work are added throughout the year, and this is the learning and work your child will share with you at the Student-Led Conference in June.

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I encourage you to ask your middle schooler to share with you their reflections and uploaded portfolio work after they have completed a unit of learning. This is a great way for you to understand what your child is learning and the level of reflective thinking your child is doing.

If you have any questions about student portfolios and reflections in the Middle School, do not hesitate to email me or stop by my office.

Thank you,

Kristine Adelsboell
Middle School & MYP Coordinator