Learning in the MYP – Meeting a World Champion

Meeting a World Champion

Yesterday the Grade 7 students went on a field trip to Base Camp Tokyo, a rock climbing gym, to climb and to meet and learn from Sachi Amma, two time world champion in rock climbing. We went there because our current unit in PE & Health is about rock climbing. We had a lot of fun climbing and we learned a lot, too!

We took the bus to Itabashi, it took us one hour to get there. At first, we were getting ready to climb and stretched a bit before we even got on the wall. Then we looked around the place to find the boulder for our task. Our task was to complete 10 boulders in groups of three. There were only two people who completed all 10. For a long time, we climbed these courses until we had time to look at Sachi Amma, the world champion. He showed us a course which was very hard and used a technique that was very difficult too. We could now see how good he was and we were all amazed. After that we had a snack (healthy snacks) and rested a bit. Soon, we went to Sachi Amma and asked him a lot of questions. We learned a lot from him and some things we learned were:

1. He started climbing when he was 12 and then was a youth champion in climbing when he was 15. In just three years he was a world champion.
2. He prefers to be outside and climb because he thinks it is more beautiful
3. The secret to climbing is to be calm.

After the interview we had some time to make two bouldering courses for Sachi Amma. We chose the hardest holds and he did all of them! He was very good and he wasn’t shaking or anything, he was like a monkey who had all the strength in the world. Lastly, we got an autograph on an Adidas poster (Sachi Amma is sponsored by Adidas).

It was very fun to climb and meet a world class champion.

Oscar Landgren
Grade 7 student

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