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Students from the Middle School have been truly living the TIS mission this year in all aspects of school life, particularly being globally responsible. After learning about the plight of Syrian Refugees attempting to seek asylum in the European Union our students were spurred into action to make a positive change to the lives of those escaping Syria.

You can’t just take your whole closet with you when you are escaping a war zone so we took action to make sure that people who arrive in Europe will have what they need and be comfortable and safe. We organized a charity drive for families to bring in clothes for men women and children that will need them when they arrive in Europe to begin their new lives” Aisyah Shah Nizam – Grade 7 Student who began the TIS Clothes Drive.

The response to the TIS Clothes Drive was overwhelming. After one week the front lobby of school was flooded with clothes to send to a relief charity in Europe. The students were now faced with the problem of how to get all of these clothes to those who are in need of them, they did the math and it looked like it would be a very expensive shipment. To add to this the charity that they thought they would be able to donate the clothes to posted on their website that they could no longer accept physical donations! Some creative thinking and flexibility was required.

The class had take a risk, we sent another email out to the TIS Community asking if there were any possibilities that we could get assistance shipping the donated items to where they are needed most. Again we were totally amazed by the brilliant response of the TIS community. Families made individual donations, Kids4Kids offered to help out with the situation and finally one of our new families to the school who happens to work for a German-Japanese Cargo shipping company replied with the answer we were dreaming of! DB Schenker-Seino offered complete sponsorship of the shipping costs to get the donations to a charity in the city of Essen, Germany! This meant that the students action could be completed. As I type this the TIS Clothes Drive donations are in the air on their way to Germany to be distributed to newly arrived Syrian Refugees in temporary housing.

This was a huge collaborative effort from the students, the TIS families – particularly Richard and the Van Schie family and DB Schenker-Seino to make this global action happen. As a teacher I could not be more proud of the initiative, self-motivation, commitment and international mindedness shown by our students to make the lives of strangers escaping horrific circumstances on the other side of the world a little bit easier.

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TIS Clothes Drive, by the numbers
3 Students: Who sparked the idea of the TIS Clothes Drive.
7 Boxes: Filled with donated clothes.
16 Students: Who counted and categorized clothes.
21 Emails: Sent between TIS and DB Schenker-Seino organizing the logistics to ship the clothes to Germany.
48 TIS families: Who donated clothes .
131 Kilograms: Total weight of clothes donated.
647 items: Number of Individual pieces of clothes donated.
3000 Kilometers: The distance between Syria and Germany
9157 Kilometers: The distance the clothes will travel from TIS to Essen in Germany.

Dan Last
MYP Drama and IS Teacher

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