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Grade 8 Trip to Yakushima

This week the Grade 8 students along with Adriaan, Dan, Yuko and us (Chris and Kristine) went to the Yakushima island south of Kyushu. Yakushima is a World Heritage Site famous for its nature. Three thousand year old trees nestle in amazing, lush forest. They manage to live so long due to the soil and the high quality high concentrated resin they produce. The forest is home to lots of animals including wild deer and monkeys. Yakushima is also a nesting ground for loggerhead turtles who swim to certain beaches on the island to lay their eggs in May and June.

For Grade 8 this meant an absolutely amazing experience: trekking through magical forests with the most spectacular vegetation, snorkeling in crystal clear water and seeing a variety of tropical fish and coral, a mini beach clean-up (sadly there is trash here too), nighttime hikes, a BBQ overlooking the ocean, delicious local cuisine (including flying fish and sea snails) and last but not least, seeing a loggerhead turtle laying her eggs in sand. What a fantastic way to end your time as a student at TIS; the trip to Yakushima will no doubt be a fond memory the students will keep for years to come.

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Facebook users you can see all of the photos taken on the trip here.

Kristine Adelsboell
MS & MYP Coordinator

Chris Frost
Primary School Principal