Learning in the MYP – Into the Woods

Spring Concert 2016: Into the Woods

Hello TIS Community!

You may have noticed that we are producing the Middle School Musical a bit differently this year. On Wednesday afternoons, teams of middle school students can be found in different parts of the school, working on various parts of the show “Into the Woods.” Rather than having all students required to perform on stage, this year students were given a choice of how they would like to participate in the production. As a result, we have seven student teams in the areas of Sets, Props, Audio-Visual, Backstage, Communications, Costumes and Make-up, and Performers.

So far, the work our students have been doing is great! They are being inquirers and problem-solvers. They are being creative and approaching each challenge with an open mind. They are expressing themselves both on stage and off. I have been very impressed with all the work I have seen so far!

You will see various communications in the TIS Times from our Communication Group over the next several weeks. Read, enjoy, and take pride in knowing that our students are producing this show and learning in the process!

I hope that you plan to come and see the show at the Spring Concert on May 26.

We look forward to sharing with you all the great work these kids are doing!


Brandon Miller
Music Teacher