Learning in the MYP

MYP Instrumental Classes

An important part of being a middle school student at TIS, is learning to play a classical instrument and developing as singers.

In the first unit of the year, the Grade 6 students chose which instrument they wanted to play: strings or wind instrument, and throughout the unit they are learning instrumental playing techniques and playing alone and with others. They are also learning elements of music theory such as note reading. Through the exploration of the statement of inquiry: Playing technique is connected to the production of instrumental tone and the delivery of a musical idea, students are learning about their instrument and strategies necessary to play it successfully.

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The Grade 7 and 8 students are inquiring and reflecting into how music is structured and how most musical compositions are connected around something; this could be a story, an event, or an experience. The goal is that by the end of the unit, the students will understand that most musical compositions have a purpose and a connection to something. Throughout the unit, students are developing their playing skills, focusing especially on articulation, phrasing, dynamics, and tone.

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This morning the whole middle school was gathered in B2 for short musical performances. First we enjoyed a Grade 6 strings and clarinet performance of “Jingle Bells”. Second, we had the pleasure of hearing the Grade 8 students perform a song called “Locked Away” which was arranged by the students themselves.

The next musical performance is next Friday the 20th, which will showcase a Grade 6 choir performance called “Like the Beat of a Drum”, followed by the Grade 7 and Grade 8 orchestra performance of the three “chorales” and the “Second Storm”. Parents are encouraged to attend the performances – please see the message wall on Manabi Mon for more details from Brandon and Jamison.

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