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Toiletry Run

Dear students, teachers and parents of TIS,

My name is Oscar Landgren and I am a student in Grade 7B at TIS. I am going to start a project called Toiletry Run (hence the title) to make a charity/run for the refugees fleeing to Europe. From the news we learn about refugees who are fleeing from their home country to Europe to find a better life, they have the toughest lives, and they go on a long journey to find asylum. They find asylum in European countries especially Germany, and a few other countries like Sweden.

The refugees are lacking a lot of things and some of them are hygiene products. With this Toiletry Run my goal is to collect unused toiletry from hotels (like you can see in the images below), which I will then send to a Swedish non-profit, non-political organisation called “Vi Gör Vad Vi Kan” (translated into “We Do What We Can”). They will then ship it to the refugees in need in Sweden or Europe – wherever there is a greater need for it.

So next time you stay at a hotel (with Winter break coming up I am sure many of you will) either for holiday or business, think about this Toiletry Run and bring back a few items (toothbrushes, shampoo, razor kits etc) and drop they off at TIS in the box labeled Toiletry Run at the Reception. Thank you for your support, helping the refugees fleeing to Europe!


Oscar Landgren from 7B

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