Learning in the MYP #1

Grade 8 Design Innovation Projects

Inquiry and problem-solving are at the heart of the Design program in the MYP. In this subject, students use the design cycle, which underpins the design process, to inquire and analyse, create and develop solutions, and to evaluate.

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Earlier in the year, I wrote about the Grade 8 students embarking on a year journey into design innovation. In groups, the students had to develop a design based on a need in the community. These projects are now in the final stages, and on Tuesday the students practiced pitching their design ideas and solutions to their peers, Lorraine, Chris and I.
The students were assessed against the following criteria:

– Their understanding of the nature of the product
– Clarity of the pricing and marketing strategies
– General presentation and belief in their project

Some very interesting and creative ideas and solutions were developed in the Design unit such as “Beary”, a fun and useful project that takes phone chargers to the next level; “Glooob”, an app that can notify student when homework has been posted on Manabi Mon; “DT Editor”, a pdf editor that will enable the user to edit text; “Melty”, a cup that melts chocolate or caramel and that is reusable; “Teen Web”, a website by teenagers for teenagers living in Minato-ku; “Pixel Maze”, a fun game for phones and tablets.

The last and final step will be for the students to pitch their creative designs to possible investors. The Design team consisting of Mike Izzard and Edith Santacana are in the process of approaching various people who might be interested in learning about, and investing, in these great products designed and developed by the Grade 8 class.

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Kristine Adelsboell
Middle School & MYP Coordinator