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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. Each year in May, our community celebrates the progress of our students and raises awareness about communication development. This year’s theme for Better Hearing and Speech Month is “Communication Takes Care.”

Building Communication Skills: Suggestions for Families

Unplug – Spend quality time together without phones, tablets, TV, or other electronic devices.
Engage – Include meaningful conversation in family time. Listen, comment, ask questions, and share with your child. Kids learn through verbal communication and social interaction with others.
Read – Reading with your child helps build the skills he/she needs to experience success in school.
Play – Family relationships and social skills develop through play.
Move – Physical activity is crucial to children’s development. Take a bike ride, play ball, go for a family walk, or visit a Tokyo park.
Ask – If you think your child may have a speech-language delay, ask for a screening.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s communication skills, please contact Lisa Muntz, Head of Student Support, or Julie Dotson, Speech Pathologist. Additional information is available at the TIS Learning Support Office.

*Adapted from Communication Takes Care: Better Hearing and Speech Month, R. Kjesbo, M.S., CCC-SLP

Lisa Muntz / Student Support
Julie Dotson / Speech Pathologist