Into The Woods: Update #4

Backstage Team and AV Team

This week’s update is about the Backstage Team and the AV(lights) Team. I will not be writing about the performers this week. That is too big a topic for me to fit into this article. So next week’s article will be about the performers only.

The Backstage Team has been working very hard. The Backstage Team is in charge of figuring out who goes where and when. They are also in charge of moving all of the sets.They have been taking notes about what the performers are doing. Then they take that information and put it into figuring out where the sets will go. Then they figure out when they move the sets.

Next is the AV or Lights Team. The AV Team has been working on many things. They have to figure out what kind of lighting sets the mood and when it happens. Their goal is making little shadow theatres. Because we can’t make a giant beanstalk for Jack we have to make shadow theatres. So we can still make a “beanstalk”.

Make sure to keep an eye out on my next and final article. I will not be focusing on each character. But I will be focusing on the the unnamed fairytale characters and the chorus people.

By Jasmine Robertson 6A