Into The Woods Interview #2

Into The Woods Interview

– by Mason Wang, 7B

On May 26 Middle School students will perform the musical ‘Into The Woods’. Each week I will interview one cast member for TIS Times. This week I interviewed Joaquin Amigorena from Grade 7. Here it is!

M: Which character are you playing?

J: I am playing Rapunzel’s Prince so I am the kind of Prince Charming for Rapunzel and as a character I am trying to marry Rapunzel.

M: What sort of character is Rapunzel’s Prince?

J: Well like the funny, the really fun thing about my character is that he is very silly, he is very cheesy and he is very cringey. He is kind of a very dramatic type of character. So it’s a type of character that shows his emotions in a very ridiculous and weird way.

M: What do you like most about your character?

J: I think it’s exactly that. I think having the character so dramatic is so cool for me because it lets me have a lot of fun with the character, explore a lot and also you know, make it as silly as possible!

M: What is your favorite line?

J: My favorite line? That’s a hard one, let me think… “She is as true as your maiden running for a prince. None would run from us. Yet one has.”

M: How do you feel when you perform up on stage?

J: Well the difference with other characters that I played and the prince is that I kind of feel that I have to be really serious. I have to really show that emotion and that sometimes can be hard because I have to be serious and strong. With the prince I kind of have more freedom and just think about having fun and that kind of lets me perform really confidently on stage. So in a sense, I feel really excited.

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