Into The Woods Interview #1

Into The Woods Interview

– by Mason Wang, 7B

On May 26 middle school students will perform the musical ‘Into The Woods’. Each week I will interview one cast member for TIS Times. This week I interviewed Joni Anttoni Mäkinen from Grade 7. Here it is!

M: Which character are you playing?
J: I am playing Jack

M: What sort of character is Jack?

J: Playing around a 10/11 year old boy I am assuming. He’s pretty bored and desperate. I have to say that he is also quite curious and brave. There is a lot of action. For example, he climbs the bean stalk.

M: What do you like most about your character?

J: It doesn’t take that much effort to get into character. I do need to do something to change the character but  I don’t need to for example completely change my voice and behavior. I also like that I get to do a solo and that he is one of the main characters.

M: What is your favorite line?

J: Probably it is “Giant in the sky’’ because it is in my big solo song and I like singing and I think I do it well.

M: How do you feel when you perform up on stage?
J: I don’t feel very nervous on the stage because I had practice and already have some experience with rehearsals and recitals so I don’t feel nervous anymore when I go on stage except when I don’t know the line or if others don’t know a line in the scene. Other than that I am quite confident because I know what I am doing and I can act normal.

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