Into The Woods #3

Communications Team, Props Team and Sets Team

This week’s update is about the Communications Team, the Props Team and the Sets Team. First of all I will focus on the Communications Team. The Communications Team has been working on many different things. I have been working on publishing articles. Miriam has been designing posters. Mason has been doing interviews with the cast. Finally, Felipe has been working on t-shirt orders. Our main goal is to get the word out about the musical to as many people as possible.

The Props Team has been making props hence the name “Props Team”. They have been on a tight schedule making all of the props in time for the musical. Also they need to make the props for the characters to practice with. They are gathering as many props as they can so then they can fix them up to match our musical. Their goal is to spend the least amount of money while getting props or resources.

Finally, there is the Sets Team. The Sets Team has been mainly working on building mini models. These mini sets are to go with the mini stage that Mike, the Middle School art teacher made for us. (Thank you Mike!) After that they are going to scale the models and build the actual sets for our musical. Their goals are to build all of the sets(mini and real) on time.

We all hope that everything gets done before the musical. Even if it means more homework! We have all been working EXTREMELY hard these past few weeks. Remember to keep an eye out for my next article about the AV(lights) Team, the Backstage Team and last but DEFINITELY not least, the Performers.

By Jasmine Robertson 6A