Head of School’s Message

Dear Parents

The weather forecast promises a fine day for the Cherry Blossom Fair tomorrow. The school has been exceptionally busy this week with our very energetic parents beavering away in preparation for, what I am positive, will be another extremely successful CBF. Many tickets were being bought in advance this morning and I am sure we will exceed previous records on the day. Raffle ticket sales have already surpassed previous years so Chris & I are preparing to be ‘duck taped’ during recess next week, by the winners. A huge thank you to our PSA parents – more acknowledgements next week!

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I am very pleased to be able to inform you all that next year, due to increased numbers, we will have two Grade 8 classes. They will combine for homeroom, P.E. and orchestra but will be in smaller classes for their other subjects.

This means that it is time to review our scheduling to allow for the extra class. We are looking at three options a 6 day cycle is looking like the strongest option at the moment. We will inform you as soon as the final decision is made. The other options are the current one, which is not sustainable with six classes in the middle school and current staffing and the third option is a 5 Day cycle rather than Monday to Friday, which is really the same as now except classes don’t get missed if Monday or Friday is a holiday. I am sure there will be many of you who have been in schools where there is a 6 day cycle, just as several teachers have. This requires an initial adjustment of one’s ‘mind set’ but after two or three weeks, it is a non issue.



Earlier this week, Maki emailed out to you the class placement request forms for next year. Please fill these in and of course current Grade 7 parents are included this year. These need to be returned to Maki no later than Monday, 9th May.

See you at the Cherry Blossom Fair.

Lorraine Izzard
Head of School