Head of School’s Message

Dear Parents


We have had a wonderful, but very intense, week at school with Christine and Katie from Columbia Teachers College. Chris will speak more at length about this valuable time, later in the newsletter. While teachers met with the trainers, I had a wonderful time in Grade 2 working with students on the classification of minibeasts and listening to their reflections on all they have learned in this unit of inquiry. Seven/eight year olds certainly go more in depth and employ much higher level thinking skills than they did a few decades ago – another significant outcome of having an IBPYP curriculum framework well consolidated in our school. Katie and Christine ran a very stimulating workshop for parents yesterday after school.



If your child rides a bike to school, please have a conversation to remind them of road/cycle safety. We are following up on this at school. We have been recently notified that there has been a significant increase in cycle accidents in the last three months and we certainly do not want to be contributing to those statistics. All student cyclists need to wear a helmet – a TIS school rule!



We have had a wonderful, but very intense, week at school wit

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Yesterday at morning recess, after their successful Poetry Cafe, Grade 3 entertained us by leading a Flash Mob dance and they were certainly dressed for the occasion. A Flash Mob is a term coined back in 2003 where a planned dance is performed as a surprise in a public place. Every year as part of their unit of inquiry on How We Express Ourselves, Grade 3 treat us to a performance.



Please note the following timetable/day changes to make up for lost days in certain subjects for particular classes in the Middle School as we have lost four Fridays and two Mondays this term. These changes will take place across the whole school.

Wednesday the 18th Nov. becomes a Monday
Thursday the 26th Nov. becomes a Friday
Wednesday the 2nd Dec. becomes a Friday



Starting next term, I will be holding Q&A sessions over a coffee morning each term, for any parents who are able to attend. These will commence with updates on the direction of TIS and highlights from me, followed by questions. More information on these will be published straight after the Winter break.



Fri., Nov 20th 8:30: Grade 3 Assembly
Fri., Nov 27th 8:30: K1 A&B Assembly
Fri., Dec 4th 8:30: G1 A&B Assembly
Fri., Dec 11th 8:30: G4 A&B Assembly
Fri., Dec 18th 8:45 – 9:20: Winter Assembly – students return to class for Period 2. Fri, Dec 18th School finishes at 12:00 noon; Primary Report Cards go home.
Fri, Dec 18th: School finishes at 12:00 noon; Primary Report Cards go home.

Best wishes

Lorraine Izzard
Head of School