Head of School’s Message

Dear Parents

It has certainly been very quiet at school this week with grades 5, 6, and 7 away. Grade 5 returned from Shizuoka yesterday. Grades 6 from Kanazawa and 7 from Hakuba are due back later today. I am sure you have all enjoyed the excellent updates during the week and I am you are going to have some very tired children! A big thank you to all the teachers who spent many hours organising these wonderful experiences. It is a very big responsibility taking these trips, but we believe they are a very important component in developing the whole child.

We wish everyone a relaxing and Happy Fall Break!



If you are new and not familiar with Manabi Mon, I hope you have all logged in and accessed the system, before it opened at 8:00 today.

Thursday, 29th October is a normal school day for all students, but Middle School teachers will be available for conferences in the gym from 8:00 a.m. until 12:10. There will be some early slots available, with some teachers, from 7:30 a.m.
Friday, 30th October is a NO PUPIL DAY for all students K1-Grade 8. Conferences will be for all grades.



The Manabi Mon appointments system will be open to parents with more than one child at TIS, at 8:00 on Friday 16th October.
The system will open to parents with one child at TIS on Wednesday, 21st October.The system will close on Wednesday 28th October at 10:00 a.m.



These are with your child’s homeroom teacher and they are 20 minutes.
If you wish to see your child’s Japanese teacher or language or learning support teacher, you may also book a time with them. However, for Music, Art and Physical Education, if you receive an email requesting a conference, then please book a time. If not, you may visit the teacher concerned, for an overview of the programme for your child’s grade, but there will not be a conference about your child. If you would like to see Ed, our counselor, please pop into his office.



These are with your child’s subject teachers and homeroom teachers. They are 10 minutes per subject, so for teachers who teach two subjects, you will mostly have 20 minutes, for others you will have 10 minutes. Please sign up with the subject /homeroom teachers whom you would most like to see. If you would like to see Ed, our counselor, please pop into his office.



You will need to log on to Manabi Mon and if this is your first time, please go to Resources …… Parent Resource Topic……Making appointments for PTCs. Although teacher names have changed the method for booking is the same.

If you have any difficulties, please email directly to Mike. Do not email your child’s teacher.



Oct 19-23: Fall Break
Oct 29: PTCs for Middle school only in the morning – normal pupil day for everyone.
Oct 29: Dress up for Halloween but non scary costumes please, K1-G4 only. Some classes will be visiting the elderly at Furukawabashi Hospital across the road.
Oct 30: NO PUPIL DAY Parent Teacher Conferences K1-G8
Nov 6: Sports Day
Nov 9-10: Professional Learning for Teachers (NO PUPIL DAYS)
Nov 16-20: M.A.P. assessments in Math – more details after the Fall Break
Nov 18: Makeup Sports Day if necessary (Please note that this has had to be changed from Nov 13th)
Dec 18: 8:45 – 9:20 Winter Assembly – students return to class for Period 2.
Dec 18: School finishes at 12:00 noon; Primary Report Cards go home.

Lorraine Izzard
Head of School