Event News 2

Kids for Kids

Today was ‘Sportsville day’, a dress-up initiative advertised in school by ‘Kids for kids’. We encouraged students from each grade to wear sports outfits and each participant donated 100yen towards ‘Kids for Kids Cambodia’. 
Students who put in considerable effort received prizes. 

Those people were as follows:

1st place: Forrest
2nd place: Lea

1st place: Luka Maya
2nd place: Harrison

1st place: Daniel
2nd place: Tilly

1st place: Hugo
2nd place: Adam

1st place: Sage
2nd place: Guido

1st place: Cael
2nd place: Yeon Woo

Thank you to all participants for entering and donating to a good cause!

NB: Slime kits are available for sale at morning recess every Friday from now until the end of the school year, they are 100 yen each. Money will go towards Kids for Kids Cambodia.

Also the Art competition will be ending on Wednesday next week, entries go into a box outside G1B, 100yen per entry to Anna G1.

Anna Wise
Grade 1 Teacher