Cherry Blossom Fiar – The Tombola

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Help us to help others by supporting our new-ish fundraising event – THE TOMBOLA.
Some of you may be familiar with this popular raffle-style game: pick a numbered ticket out of a box, and win the prize that matches that number. Simple, isn’t it!

Tombola has long been a popular fundraiser at school fairs around Australia and the UK, and we introduced it very successfully to the TIS community last year. However, we need your help to make it a success again this year!



Enclosed with this letter are two empty bags, with ties. Please fill at least one (preferably both) of these bags with inexpensive, interesting items, such as candy, small toys, puzzles, erasers, hair ties, stickers, swap cards, seeds, lip gloss, tiny stationery, bouncy balls, etc – things you can find in all sorts of places in Tokyo, especially in the ¥100 stores. If you can make one bag “boy-orientated” and one “girl-orientated”, or 2 bags that will appeal to both boys and girls, we would be very grateful.
Make the bags as interesting and attractive as possible, within a budget of ¥400-500. Seal them with the supplied tie, and send them carefully to school with your child by Monday, April 11th. There will be a large box in the TIS reception area into which you or your child should place their bag(s).
Please avoid putting anything perishable in there, and do ensure that the candy/sweets you supply are the kind you would be happy for your child to eat – namely from a known brand. Also, in line with the school’s NO NUT policy, please avoid all nut products.



We need each family to supply at least one tombola prize bag, and ideally two, but if you feel you could offer even more, that would be very welcome!

Let me know directly if you wish to have additional bags. Or text message me.

We look forward to seeing your creative bags in the weeks to come!
Many thanks in advance.

Meg Cherry
CBF Tombola

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