PYP- Art Class

This week we will take a look at some of the fabulous art work the students have been producing with Michael Graham in the art room. As you walk around the school it is very clear to see just how much talent there is at TIS, and the displays look fantastic. Each grade level is working hard in art and most units link directly with the classroom units of inquiry, a couple of examples are outlined below. Please feel free to come and see the art work on display in our hallways.

The Grade 3 art exhibition in the lobby is a collection of portraits of endangered animals from the theme, Shar- ing the Planet. This art unit links directly with the classroom unit of inquiry with the central idea being ‘There are two (or more) perspectives to any conflict’.
Students chose an endangered animal and painted it in three stages using watercolors. The intention of the art unit was to raise awareness that the survival of these animals is in great danger.

The Grade 5 students are finishing up an art unit called ‘Iconography’, which links with the Where We Are in Time and Place unit of inquiry on Heritage. They have created portraits of famous personalities in egg shells. A selection of their work will be displayed in the upcoming Artscape exhibition. Everyone is welcome to attend Artscape Opening Night and view the work by our students in Grades 5, 6, 7, 8.

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Michael Graham(Art teacher)

Natalie Willsmore(PYP Coordinator)